Linear Rail Manipulator Arm Provides Maximum Vertical Travel

Easily accommodate up to 2500 lbs. with the UltiRail industrial manipulator arm. The UltiRail is an optimal lift assist system when there is limited horizontal reach but maximum vertical travel is desired. Regardless of product weight variations, no adjustments are required to handle variable payloads. This robust low-maintenance machine provides rigid and reliable solutions.

3D rendering of an industrial UltiRail manipulator arm


  • Chain Hoist: Electric or Pneumatic
  • Ball Screw: Electric or Pneumatic

Performance, Safety, Quality

  • Designed to reach under obstructions and into work areas
  • Custom end-effectors easily adapt to each machine with standard flange mount
  • Pilot operated lock valves on clamp cylinders prevent loss of payload if supply pressure is interrupted
  • Custom-designed controls for optimal user comfort and efficiency
  • Safety circuit and brakes prevent unwanted downward movement
  • Quiet operation
  • Inherent machine qualities provide precise product placement
  • Anti-drift brakes prevent unwanted movement when machine is not in use
  • Low-maintenance system
  • Easy installation
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Sealed precision bearings provide long life, smooth motion and less maintenance
  • Engineered for minimal deflection
  • Designed with 3D modeling software for customer pre-approval
  • Ball screw technology ensures reliability and machine longevity
  • Chain hoist provides reliable and proven lifting solutions


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