Customized Industrial Manipulator Arms
Provide Solutions

Advanced Manipulator Specialists offers a complete line of industrial manipulator arms custom built to effortlessly and safely move and position products. Whether simple or complex, Advanced provides material handling solutions. Whether your need is a heavy-duty manipulator arm for large and bulky product or a light lift assist for fast repetitive motion, our engineering team will provide your solution with a custom configured lift assist.

Solutions for Unique and Difficult Applications

Providing solutions for exceptionally unusual or problematic applications is Advanced's expertise. Virtually any product, weight or application can be conquered by employing Advanced Manipulator's ingenuity, superior engineering and customization to the industrial manipulator arm and end-effector.

Broad Range of Articulating Manipulator Lift Assists

An ergonomic manipulator arm system is available for every application. After an engineering assessment on the work environment, product being handled and the operator's preference, the optimal system is selected.

Complete Lift Assist System

The manipulator arm is assimilated with customized end-tooling, where there are virtually no restrictions on product, weight, environment or configuration.

The entire system is then integrated with a mounting system. The versatile mounting options offered by Advanced ensures every application is ideally configured. Mounting options include floor pedestal, fixed overhead, overhead trolley, building column or portable base.

Providing Integrity, Ingenuity, and Superior Performance

Advanced Manipulator Specialists is a trusted leader in providing industrial manipulator arms that are designed for performance, safety and productivity. The team at Advanced is innovative, professional, courteous and responsive. There are no design or production shortcuts. Great care is taken to provide superior solutions and quality-built machines with optimal material handling results.

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