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Industrial manipulator solutions for simple, smooth product placement.

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Torque Arms

Custom and standard torque reaction arms accommodate all applications.

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Advanced designs and manufactures the highest quality automated equipment systems.

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Industrial Manipulator Arms and Customized Material Handling Lifts

Advanced Manipulator Specialists, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the material handling solution you need to the production floor. Transforming your material handling difficulty into a virtually weightless solution is what the engineering team at Advanced specializes in. Keep your workforce injury-free, maintain your product integrity and increase productivity with an Advanced Manipulator system.

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An Advanced Manipulator articulating arm system lifts, positions, and moves product safely and efficiently, bringing security and productivity to your manufacturing process.

Alleviating material handling difficulties is Advanced Manipulator Specialists' area of expertise. Customized industrial ergonomic manipulators lift, suspend, pick and place virtually any product. Fluid movement and zero-gravity flotation allow your operators to achieve precise product placement, maintain product integrity and assure operator safety. Each customer application has unique requirements and Advanced's engineering team is attentive to the development of a lift assist system that brings your solution to the production floor. Each manipulator arm and end-effector are customized to provide optimal efficiency and productivity to the manufacturing process.

3D Rendering of an Industrial Manipulator lifting and moving a round barrel

Since 1995, Advanced Manipulator Specialists has been providing lift assist solutions to manufacturing leaders. Every application is designed, manufactured and assembled with customization to the end users' unique needs, utilizing an optimized operating system.

Advanced's pneumatic manipulator arms float products effortlessly and manages wide weight variations without electricity.
Hydraulic manipulator lift assists handle robust payloads easily.
Electric industrial manipulators are optimal when product placement requires precision and products have wide weight variations.
The UltiRail manipulator arm system allows for product placement with precision and maximizes vertical travel.
The Mobulator™ is a fully mobile manipulator system that employs the mobility, power and efficiency of an electric forklift with the clearance, accuracy and ergonomics of a manipulator and this is all achieved from the driver's seat.

By incorporating a custom-made end-effector alongside a custom-designed manipulator arm, your unique material handling difficulty can be conquered safely and efficiently, increasing productivity to the manufacturing process.

Torque Reaction Arms and Torque Tubes

Maximize productivity and increase quality control by utilizing Advanced's complete line of UltiMate Torque Reaction Arms and UltiMate Torque Tubes. These tool-support torque reaction arms are engineered to alleviate torque reaction exposure and increase fastening precision and consistency. Smooth, effortless movement offers your operator virtually no resistance. Quality workmanship makes the UltiMate built to withstand the rugged environments of the assembly process.

Automated Material Handling

Advanced's engineering team is proficient in creating highly functional, automated material handling systems that optimize the manufacturing process. Utilize an Advanced Manipulator automated material handling system to ensure employee safety, maintain product integrity and maximize productivity. Using advanced technology and working alongside our adept team, you will experience advanced automated material handling solutions in action.

Advanced Manipulator Specialists Creates Ergonomic Lifting Solutions

Manipulator arms, torque arms, end-effectors, automated systems and customized material handling equipment lift, tilt, rotate, suspend, pivot, and more. Whether you are encountering a simple barrier or a challenging obstacle let Advanced work with you to find the most efficient solution. Regardless of product weight, bulk or unusual or tight quarters, there is virtually no product or weight restrictions when you choose an Advanced Manipulator lift-assist system.

The engineering team at Advanced is innovative, professional, courteous and responsive. There are no design and production shortcuts; you will be provided a superior quality machine with optimal material handling results.

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Sample Material Handling Solution | Advanced Manipulator Specialists
Sample Material Handling Solution | Advanced Manipulator Specialists
Sample Material Handling Solution | Advanced Manipulator Specialists
Sample Material Handling Solution | Advanced Manipulator Specialists
Sample Material Handling Solution | Advanced Manipulator Specialists