Hydraulic Manipulator Arms

The UltiHydra industrial manipulator has the ability to handle frequent load variations and possesses smooth variable speed control as a standard feature. Consider the UltiHydra when you are handling extreme weight loads.


Overhead Mount
Overhead Rail
Floor Mounted Pedestal
Portable Base
Standard End-of-Hook Tool Holders
Customized End-of-Hook Tool Holders

Examples of Solutions Provided:

Hydraulic Manipulator Arm Lifting 200 lb. Sheet Metal 200 lbs. Sheet Metal Handler Hydraulic Manipulator Lifting 600 lbs. 600 lbs. Die Manipulator

Hydraulic Manipulator Lifting 600 lbs. Lift 800 lbs. With Manipulator & Hook End-Effector

Hydraulic Manipulator Lifting TiresUltiHydra™ Hydraulic Manipulator Arm
Lifting Rubber Bladders
Hydraulic Manipulator Mounted on Fork Truck 200 lbs. Order Picker Mounted on Fork Truck



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