Electric Manipulator Arms

The UltiMate Precision™ is an electric industrial manipulator that retains the speed of traditional pneumatic manipulators but has the added benefit of precision placement and has the ability to handle frequent load variations. For instance, if your application requires you to pick and place different weighted and sized castings, this machine will allow the operator to handle all products without setting the manipulator to each particular weight. Whether your product is fifty pounds or thousands of pounds, the UltiMate Manipulator will more than satisfy your requirements in performance and ease of movement.


Overhead Mount
Overhead Rail
Floor Mounted Pedestal
Portable Base
Standard End Effectors
Customized End Effectors
Stainless Steel

Examples of Solutions Provided:

Manipulator Arm Precisely Handling RollRoll Handle 300lbs With Accuracy Using The UltiMate Precision™

Electric Manipulator Lifting Cabinet Manipulate 350 lb. Stainless Cabinets

Electric Manipulator Arm for Sheet Metal Sheet Handler With 14' Reach And 100 lb. Capacity

Electric Manipulator Lifting Mower Decks

UltiMate Precision™ Manipulator Lifting 100 lb. Mower Decks
Electric Manipulator Lifting 100 lb. Lift 100 lb. Electrical Isolators With This Precise Manipulator Lift Assist
Electric Industrial Manipulator Arm Lift Assist For 100 lb. Capacity With Hook End- Effector

Articulating Manipulator Arm

Overhead Mounted Electrically Powered Manipulator Arm

600 lb. Electric Manipulator ArmManipulator Arms With Probe And Side Clamp Lifting 600 lbs.

Articulating Manipulator Arm

Overhead Mounted Arm Used To Pick And Place Off Staging Table For Pallet Loading
Electric Manipulator Arm for Sheet Metal Lift Assist Handles 10ft Cylinders



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